We continue to introduce you to the developers of the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2019. The ыусщтв team represents the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro  (or University of Brazil) is is the largest and the oldest federal university in the country and is one of the Brazilian centers of excellence in teaching and research. In 2017 QS World University Rankings ranked UFRJ as the best Brazilian federal university, as well as the third best university in the country occupying the seventh position among institutions of Latin America.

As part of the preparation for the BRICS YEA Outlook-2019, we interviewed the team ofthe Federal University of Rio de Janeiro to make you know them better.

— What contribution to your team experience do you hope to get during your work on the BRICS YEA Outlook-2019?

We hope to acquire new skills in joint research and grown not only as student or researches, but also as individuals.

— What projects have you already realized?

This is our first time working together. However, some of us have already developed individual researches before.

— How did you know about the BRICS YEA and the BRICS YEA Outlook-2019?

One of our team members had previous knowledge about the BRICS YEA due to a research he developed before, but the majority of us heard about it for the first time through our research group’s academic advisor.

— In your opinion why should the young people from the BRICS countries cooperate?

We believe ‘cooperation’ is a key word for the world we are currently living in. Geographical differences offer exciting new perspectives and opportunities. Through cooperation we can learn about each other’s challenges and achievements and make our contribution to development and a better world.

— Which goal should have been reached in the coming years to achieve global sustainable development in the whole world?

We believe that sharing of knowledge is the most indispensable condition to achieve global sustainable development.

— How do you evaluate the role of the BRICS YEA in the achieving global sustainable development?

BRICS YEA offers a platform to share knowledge about our future among those who are going to shape it – young people across the Global South, living in different countries and regions but united through the mission to preserve our planet.

— Which achievements of the digital era could pose a threat to the global energy development? How can the young generation face these threats?

The digital revolution has the ambivalent power of inclusion-exclusion. This power is our greatest asset, however it also poses the greatest threat to global energy development. The young generation has to focus on inclusion and leaving no-one behind on the coming transformation. Otherwise the world will keep suffering and so will all of us.

— What would you like to place emphasis on during your work on the BRICS YEA Outlook-2019? Why?

We would like to emphasize Brazil’s role, challenges, flaws and achievements on the global energy scenario. We believe that Brazil can become a protagonist since the country has much to offer to the world in terms of energy sources.