BRICS YEA will attend the G20 Youth Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia on July 17 – 24. Vadim Kuztentsov, BRICS YEA’s Director for Sustainability and Climate, will represent the Agency.

As the first in-person meeting since the work began in February 2022, the Summit will gather over 80 young professionals from G20 countries to spearhead global efforts on designing human-centered policies for a successful recovery. Together with other youth delegates, Vadim is going to finalize policy measures collectively developed in the thematic working group «Sustainable and Livable Planet» to cover six priority areas: Energy Transition, Production and Consumption, Natural Assets, Food Systems, Built Environment, and Sustainable Finance. Particularly, there is a number of key policy issues that will be addressed by the delegates, including sustainable mining of rare minerals and rare-earth metals used in clean energy industries, recycling of critical raw materials, integration of G20 emission trading systems, introduction of an international carbon price floor, and development of a common ground taxonomy.

The Summit will feature chaired sessions and negotiations, official meetings with policymakers, site visits, and a talk show. By the end of the gathering, G20 youth delegates will produce a final communiqué to formalize their shared policy proposals. The Summit will also serve as a starting point for the post-Summit advocacy period aimed at promoting the outcomes and translating them into action.

The G20 Youth Summit is the culmination of a year-long youth program launched under the Indonesian G20 Presidency in 2022. Each country is represented by four youth delegates selected to take part in the work of one of the four tracks: Sustainable and Livable Planet, Digital Transformation, Diversity and Inclusion, and Youth Employment.