Officers of Agency

Alexander Kormishin


Since 2015, Alexander Kormishin has led the BRICS initiative to create a youth dimension of the common energy agenda. Mr. Kormishin took leadership over the BRICS Youth Energy Agency in 2017. In 2020, Mr. Kormishin was included in the Advisory Council of the Russian Federal Agency for Humanitarian Cooperation (“Rossotrudnichestvo”). Under his leadership, the Agency came along the way from a youth initiative to an internationally recognised organisation which is responsible for youth energy studies and project development between BRICS countries.

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Alexandra Baryshnikova

Deputy Chairperson

Arsenii Kirgizov-Barskii

Assistant Chairperson

Analytical Centre

Yulia Delyukina

Head of Analytical Centre

Ms. Yulia Delyukina joined the BRICS Youth Energy Agency as a volunteer to support the preparations for the First BRICS YEA Summit in 2018. Later on, she became a Head of the Department of Energy Research in Brazil of the Analytical Centre. In 2019, Ms. Delyukina took over the Analytical Centre as Acting Head. She coordinated activities around preparations of the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2019. In November 2019, Ms. Delyukina was appointed the Head of Analytical Centre of BRICS Youth Energy Agency.

Yulia Plekhanova
Coordinator: Research Groups (Brazil)
Maria Buyanova
Coordinator: Research Groups (South Africa)
Maria Gorina
Coordinator: Research Groups (China)
Arina Lutskaya
Coordinator: Research Groups (Brazil)
Polina Chulkova
Coordinator: Research Groups (Russia)
Margarita Kuzmina
Coordinator: Research Groups (India)
Alexandra Agababova
Press-Secretary of Analytical Centre

Legal Advisory

Anastasiya Yarantseva
Junior Legal Advisor
Ekaterina Grammatchikova
Junior Legal Advisor
Alexandra Sedova
Legal Advisor to Chairperson
Valeria Dzyubanova
Legal Advisor

SDGP: Sustainable Development Goals Platform

Arina Dulepova

Head of SDG Platform

Ms. Arina Dulepova joined the BRICS Youth Energy Agency as Deputy Head of Department of Energy Research in South Africa of Analytical Centre. Soon, Ms. Dulepova was appointed Head of Department. Ms. Dulepova significantly contributed to the international development of the Agency in the field of relations with South African Government and the Embassy of South Africa to Russia, where Ms. Dulepova was respected for her commitment to bilateral cooperation.

In 2018, following the establishment of the Sustainable Development Goals Platform by BRICS YEA, Ms. Dulepova joined the Platform as its Deputy Head and secured position of Head of South African Department.

In 2019, Ms. Dulepova was appointed Head of SDG Platform by BRICS Youth Energy Agency. She also served as UN SDG7 Youth Ambassador to Russia 2019-2020.

Vadim Kuznetsov
Manager: SDGP, Coordinator: BRICS Sustainable Ideas Bank
Arina Dulepova
Head of SDG Platform

Ekaterina Krymkina


Ekaterina Krymkina joined the BRICS Youth Energy Agency as Press-Secretary in 2019. She successfully served as a Press-Secretary of the BRICS Youth Energy Agency’s Summit 2019. Ms. Krymkina coordinates a talented team of social media managers and IT professionals who make an online day-to-day experience with BRICS YEA smooth and beautiful.

DGCD: Directorate for Global Community Development

Xu Hanrui
Manager: China
Yulia Kiseleva
Manager: Russia