How we work.

Last updated: 3 June 2022.


How we work.

Last updated: 3 June, 2022

The BRICS YEA is an autonomous international youth-led organization and acts as a BRICS institute. The General Management of the Agency is carried out by its Chairperson & Director-General.

As an informal organization created in the spirit of the BRICS group itself, the Agency does not have a fixed management structure, however, it is based on ad-hoc agreements and formats of interaction with governments, international organizations, companies, non-profit organizations as well as informal youth associations and organizations. The BRICS YEA organization system includes a Secretariat, Directorates and an Analytical Center. The international structure is based on ad-hoc agreements, usually with governmental agencies responsible for national energy and youth policy that operate BRICS YEA representative offices in Member Countries.


The Agency’s operation is coordinated by young people engaged in project activities or supervising a separate area within the BRICS YEA agenda. The Agency does not set country-specific participation quotas in the Secretariat, therefore, everyone can be part of the Agency and take part in its management, bringing to life an initiative or a project related to energy or climate agenda, and of course a key beneficiary of such activity has to be the BRICS Youth.

Cooperation with other BRICS institutes

The BRICS YEA is a coordinating institute and a project office for youth energy cooperation of the five countries as well as for youth from partnered countries. At the same time, the BRICS YEA aligns its vision with such of the relevant Ministries and Departments of the BRICS countries responsible for energy or youth policy as well as the BRICS Committee of Senior Officials on Energy.


As an informal organization, the BRICS YEA does not have a legal status in any of the authorities, thus, it does not own or manage bank accounts, property, and does not receive funding. At the same time, few special initiatives of the BRICS YEA are supported by BRICS governments that provide project-specific financing as well as energy companies and funds. Members of the BRICS YEA Secretariat do not receive financial remuneration for their work.

Related parties

The Agency actively participates, has a voting right in international youth groups, autonomous and international organizations as well as advisory boards under executive authorities in few of the BRICS countries.

  • BRICS YEA is the Regional Focal Point for Europe of the SDG7 Youth Constituency of the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth. The BRICS YEA has an appropriate mandate, and takes part in regular meetings of the Constituency, and also has a voting right on the agenda and events.
  • Chairperson, Director-General of the BRICS YEA is ex officio a Member of the Commission on International Youth and Humanitarian Cooperation of the Public Council under the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo).
  • Chairperson, Director-General of the BRICS YEA is ex officio a Member of the Permanent Working Group for BRICS energy cooperation of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.