Special Event

This workshop will gather recognized energy leaders and youth energy innovators from BRICS countries who are committed to making a daily positive change in ensuring the access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. The first insight into the process will be introduced to the broad community of the BRICS co-thinkers to guide commitments on the way to the UN HLDE Summit in September and the UN FCCC COP26 in November 2021 respectively.

The BRICS Youth Energy Compact will become the first-of-a-kind soft policy mechanism open to youth voluntary commitments and providing a qualitative push for the role of young people in the Decade of Action in the field of sustainable energy.

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Shortly about the event

On the sidelines of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Youth Forum, the BRICS Youth Energy Agency (BRICS YEA) supported by the National Youth Council of Russia will arrange a side event to consolidate joint efforts around the BRICS Youth Energy Compact initiated in preparation of the United Nations High-Level Dialogue on Energy (HLDE) 2021 to reflect voluntary commitments and actions of youth people from the developing world in addressing the SDG7 by 2030.

  • Objectives

    • Raise awareness amongst youth about the progress made on the way towards SGD7
    • Inform young energy and climate activists of the opportunities to get involved in the work on the Youth Energy Compact initiative and how it contributes to the global Decade of Action
    • Engage youth participants into the Youth Energy Compact elaboration process
    • Provide youth with a space for open discussion of the necessary SDG7 efforts to be outlined
    • Facilitate meaningful interaction between youth participants and energy policymakers
    • Shape a community of motivated young activists willing to continue the work on the Youth Energy Compact throughout 2021 up to the UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy
  • Guiding Questions

    • What is a Youth Energy Compact and what will its impact be?
    • What contribution does it enable in view of the UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy?
    • Which voluntary commitments young people ought to take on in the BRICS YouthEnergy Compact?
    • How to ensure the most productive form of youth stakeholders’ engagement?
    • Which partnerships are needed to help boost the initiative?
    • What way for the document after the UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy?
  • Format and Agenda

    The workshop will be held online and will include:

    • Interventions by energy influencers of BRICS energy ministries, and the Global Champions upon their availability, as well as international organizations dealing with sustainable energy issues and the SDG7.
    • National and contributing partners reports on their engagement plans.
    • Presentation of the BRICS Youth Energy Compact's five basic principles to the honourable experts by youth participants and an engaging discussion in the Quickexchange format.
    • Countdown and official launch of the process.