BRICS Powered. Youth Driven.

Our motto clearly reflects the mission of the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook which has been delivered solely by BRICS Youth.

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Introducing the
BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2020

At the III BRICS Youth Energy Summit, we along with almost two hundred young and talented researchers introduced to the leadership of BRICS energy ministries and companies the BRICS Youth vision on the future energy development.

Over 180 talented researchers

Thanks to our researchers, the BRICS Youth vision is now taken into consideration when planning the BRICS energy cooperation strategy.

Over 40 leading BRICS universities and research organizations

Broad diversity and representation guarantees that the vision reflected in the Outlook is to rely on.

BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2020

Annual leading research project to reflect young people's vision on the future of BRICS energy.

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You can download a high-resolution copy of the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2020 by clicking here. If for certain reason the link is not longer available, please contact the administration by sending a short email.