Events & initiatives of our community around the world

At BRICS YEA, we take an ambition to implement major international initiatives, which are authored by young people from the scratches. And yet, we do projects together with international organizations, governments, businesses and youth-led organizations.

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Youth-led energy and climate reports

How can you find out what the younger generation of professionals expects from the energy industry and what values the generation of future leaders shares?

BRICS YEA together with young researchers and professionals prepares global energy reports and projects, addressing the today’s new energy agenda.

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Youth contribution to corporate sustainability

Key decisions regarding the future of energy cannot be made without the youth expertise, because sustainable development requires a generational consensus.

We know how to ensure that the core values are saved in the long-term development of the energy sector and therefore long-term strategies are realized.

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Towards international partnerships together with youth

In partnership with BRICS YEA you become an actor of global action led by young people. We work with IGOs, including the UN organisations, key youth-led communities focused on energy and climate change. 

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BRICS Youth Energy Outlooks

Reports of the BRICS Energy Research Cooperation Platform