BRICS Youth has united to develop the energy agenda

Five years ago, the BRICS Youth founded the BRICS Youth Energy Agency to accelerate and secure energy cooperation between the five countries in the field of energy research and project-making. Today, we unite the most diverse community of young researchers and scientists, professionals and students who develop energy cooperation on daily basis.

Youth Projects

Young people create its own forms of cooperation which help them understand better how the BRICS energy industries function

Energy Research

We create the environment where young scientists and researchers from BRICS can create collaborative projects in the field of energy

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Press releases

Latest developers interviews of of the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2020

We drive unique youth projects in

  • BRICS YEA Summit 2019

    Unique, truly global annual summit that brings BRICS young energy leaders and decision makers together!

    This year, we beat our own records of last year when we held the First BRICS YEA Summit as part of the «Russian Energy Week» International Forum. BRICS YEA Summit was called the main youth energy event of the year 2019, according to Russian media.

  • BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2019

    The Agency considers research and cooperation of young energy researchers from BRICS as its main priority. As result of such hard work, BRICS YEA was happy to introduce the first and only energy research developed solely by BRICS Youth. Read more about the Outlook or become a part of the Outlook 2020 as a researcher.

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  • BRICS YEA Network

    Last year we introduced the first BRICS digital platform for young energy researchers and scientists to develop energy cooperation and network between the five countries. We also have in mind to provide personal development opportunities for the network members. We invite you to become a part of the most promising community.

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The II BRICS Youth Energy Agency Summit was held on October 5, 2019 as part of the "Russian Energy Week" International Forum #TogetherBrighter Youth Day

Russia has always been a strong proponent of multilateral energy dialogue between BRICS countries.

Anton Inyutsyn
Ex-Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation

BRICS YEA has converged youth to contribute in the energy dialogue covering consumption, production, distribution, investments and social impact. BRICS youth are shaping the global future energy trajectory and agenda.

Elizabeth Marabwa
Chief Director: Programmes & Projects Management Office, Department of Mineral Resources and Energy of the Government of South Africa

Today, BRICS YEA is one of the most successful and dynamic initiatives in the community’s youth dimension.

Alexander Kormishin
BRICS YEA Chairman

For us it is a long-term project which is supported on behalf of the Russian Federation. BRICS YEA is a serious initiative for a long term.

Olga Yudina
Deputy Director of Department of Project Management and Affairs of the Ministry, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation