BRICS Youth Energy Association and the BRICS International Forum (New Delhi, India) have agreed on a partnership in the framework of the BRICS YEA Summit in Moscow, which is to be held on October 4-6 in Moscow during the Russian Energy Week 2018 (REW 2018).

BRICS IF supported the initiative of BRICS YEA and expressed its readiness to assist in the organization and holding the BRICS YEA Summit in Moscow, as well as to conduct a competitive selection among interested participants from India.


The BRICS International Forum(BRICS-IF) is a social, economic, political center working among BRICS nations with a goal to initiate people-to-people dialogue. BRICS-IF has been formed to cater, mobilize and carry forward the agenda, policies and decisions made by the heads of states at the annual BRICS summits and aims to encourage and strengthen multilateral cooperation within BRICS and beyond.