Hi, we're from BRICS YEA creating the first Youth Energy Compact which will showcase BRICS multi-stakeholder youth-focused actions and commitments to meet the SDG7 before 2030.

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The First Youth Energy Compact delivered by the BRICS Youth. If you are young activist or a company, or even a governmental authority, you can now highlight your contributions to the joint efforts targeting SDG7!

This initiative is led by BRICS YEA in collaboration with UN-Energy & Sustainable Energy for All.

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In 2021, the United Nations together with a broad coalition of partners puts a premium on Sustainable Development Goal 7 — "Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all." This year, energy issues have a special place on the UN agenda as in September 2021 it will convene the High-Level Dialogue on Energy which will unite all state and non-state stakeholders to consolidate their efforts in achieving the 2030 Agenda, in particular SDG7, along with targeting net-zero emissions by 2050.

In preparations for the High-Level Dialogue on Energy and pursing to accelerate action for achieving the 2030 Agenda, UN-Energy & Sustainable Energy for All call for joint efforts by introducing Energy Compacts: voluntary multi-stakeholder commitments & actions in order to achieve SDG7 & the climate goals stipulated in the Paris Agreement.

The Energy Compacts themes coincide with the titles of five HLDE’s Technical Working Groups, namely Energy Access; Energy Transition; Enabling SDGs through Inclusive, Just Transition; Innovation, Technology & Data; Finance & Investment.

As one of major and responsible grouping actors on the global energy landscape, the BRICS countries are deeply engaged in implementing the Agenda 2030 to ensure the sustainable future for the generations to come, especially when it concerns such crucial topics as energy & climate.

BRICS countries are consistently acting as strong proponents of the Agenda 2030 and are committed to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As one of key players on the international energy landscape, BRICS countries are deeply engaged in multilateral energy fora to ensure their vision and proposals are recognized and considered, especially regarding such a crucial field as energy. Four our of five BRICS states have been nominated Global Champions for the High-Level Dialogue on Energy 2021.

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If you have any questions related to the BRICS Youth Energy Compact, including partnerships, do not hesitate to contact Margarita.

Margarita Kuzmina

Acting Head of Analytical Centre

Ms. Margarita Kuzmina joined the Analytical Centre of BRICS Youth Energy Agency in 2019 to support development of the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2019. She was responsible for editing texts and coordination of teams. Ms. Kuzmina rejoined the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook in 2020 as a coordinator of Indian research groups. She has also contributed to drafting the programme of BRICS Youth Energy Ambassadors. In November 2020, she took over the office of Acting Head of the Analytical Centre of BRICS Youth Energy Agency.