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The one and only international research on energy development of the BRICS countries prepared by young researchers and scientists.

Launched out of sheer enthusiasm and strong believe in the need for energy research between the BRICS countries, the Outlook-2019 attracted more than 100+ young researchers and scientists from 13 BRICS leading universities and energy companies. The Outlook covered the main challenges that BRICS energy sectors face these days, including energy efficiency, cybersecurity, hydrogen energy and many more.

After 8 months of hard work the teams, who contributed the most, were invited to take part in the II BRICS Youth Energy Agency Summit in Moscow, Russia. The Winners were awarded by the Russian Minister of Energy and the Russian Minister of Science and Higher Education.

The BRICS Youth Energy Outlook became an annual 'insight' report which reflects the ideas of young people on the future of BRICS energy agenda. This is the report that is much needed by BRICS energy authorities for long-term planning.


Globally developed, gloriously presented

The presentation of the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2019 became a central event of the II BRICS Youth Energy Agency Summit as part of the "Russian Energy Week" International Forum Youth Day. Lead by the Russian Deputy Minister of Energy A.Inyutsyn, the expert panel included seven Russian noble universities' presidents.

Topics 2019

  • 1. RES: limits of competition with traditional energy sources
  • 2. Development of clean coal technologies
  • 3. Hydrogen energy: challenges and prospects of development
  • 4. Competition of motor fuels: oil, gas, electricity, hydrogen
  • 5. Development of markets and technologies of gas fuel
  • 6. Electric transport and infrastructure of electric filling stations
  • 7. Improving the energy efficiency of the economy
  • 8. Cybersecurity problems in the fuel and energy sector
  • 9. Digital energy and prospects for the development of intelligent electric networks
  • 10. Prospects, mechanisms and challenges of gasification
  • 11. Development, survivability and safety of electric power systems
  • 12. Potential, trends and promising technologies of oil exploration and production

Special Topic


The world’s top energy brands are encouraging global transport industry to adopt natural gas instead of diesel and gasoline. Many have their own programs for developing CNG and LNG filling infrastructure, natural gas liquefaction plants, and sea or river bunkering facilities.

Discover the perspective of Brazilian, Russian, South African and Indian young researchers on the future of the Gas Motor fuel in the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2019: Special Topic


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BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2019 is an international research developed by more than 100 researchers from 13 leading companies and academia and crafted by the BRICS Youth Energy Agency on voluntarily basis. You can download it here free of charge.

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