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The 2022 Outlook returns at the times of greater need for young people to speak on the future of energy. This means that the large five is not enough. The 4th edition will reflect perspectives about the key challenges for energy in BRICS and the developing world as one.

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Focus in 2022.

Block 1. Energy as a key to achieving all SDGs.

  1. The Role of Energy in Fueling Climate Change
  2. Green Taxonomy: National or Supranational Regulation?
  3. Energy Solutions in Targeting Social-related Aspects
  4. Contribution of Nuclear Technologies to Achieving SDGs
  5. Increasing Energy Efficiency & Energy Management in Cities
  6. Energy as a Platform for Partnerships & Collaborations
  7. Energy sector as a key provider of descent and green jobs

Block 2. Access to Energy Technologies & Innovation.

  1. Clean energy technologies to decarbonize oil and gas sector
  2. Renewables: When the breakeven point is attainable?
  3. No limits of decarbonization technologies: Why decarbonization technologies should be accessible to everyone
  4. Digital energy: Ecosystem for the new economy and people
  5. Nuclear technologies: Should they be accessible to everyone or limited?
  6. Prospects of coal-to-gas and gas-to-liquids technologies

Block 3. Financing the Energy Transition with no one left behind.

  1. Investment in pipeline transportation: Will the new financing pay off?
  2. High Oil & Gas Prices: a Chance for a Rapid Transition to RES or a Step into Recession?
  3. Financing the hydrogen revolution: What implications does it have for my country?
  4. Locally adjusted energy mix: Is it possible to render domestically abundant energy sources cleaner?
  5. The role of NGOs & communities in creating incentives for investment in the energy transition

Block 4. International Partnership to Scale Up Energy Access in Africa.

  1. Brazil – Action in Africa
  2. Russia – Action in Africa
  3. India – Action in Africa
  4. China – Action in Africa
  5. South Africa – Leading the Efforts in Africa

2022 – A Year of Turmoil for the World Energy

No one could anticipate that 2022 would be another year of turmoil for the world energy and particularly for BRICS countries. The lasting consequences of the COVID-2019 pandemic, the sparked military crisis in Europe, decline of immediately available oil and natural gas on the market along with uprising crisis in the U.S. economy create major uncertainties around the transition to clean or renewable energy supply. How 2022 has changed the anticipations of the younger generation about the energy transition?

Timeline. Deadlines for the 2022 Outlook.

June 1.

Register as a team or show interest as an individual reseacher

August 1.

Teams file with the Analytical Centre their first draft inputs.

September 22.

Executive Summary Presentation at the IV BRICS Youth Energy Summit / Ministerial Meeting

October 15.

Finalization of the editorial texts of the 2022 Outlook

November 8.

Release of the BRICS+ Youth Energy Outlook 2022

Stories. Interviews with developers of the 2020 Outlook.

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  • 23/07/2020

    Introducing #Outlook2020 Developers: JIS college of Engineering (India)

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