Energy is an indispensable pillar of economic and social progress. It forms the backbone of development and sustainable development is impossible without sustainable energy. Clean and sustainable energy sources are vital in meeting the global commitments of Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Around the world, energy systems are undergoing transformative changes as countries are looking for ways to decarbonize the production of energy while maintaining competitiveness and economic growth. This transformation requires collective efforts from governments to private sector. However, youth changemakers will also play a pivotal role.

Youth constitute a large majority of today’s population. They act as agents of change, mobilizing to advance the SDGs by solving global challenges innovatively and shaping the future of our planet. It is imperative that their voice and actions are taken into consideration. As we enter the Decade of Action, key focus must be on fostering youth empowerment in sustainable energy. One such example is through the platform of Youth Sustainable Energy Hub developed by SDG7 youth constituency of United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth (UN MGCY) and partners, the first of its kind global platform for youth action on sustainable energy. It showcases and supports the work of youth practitioners involved in projects related to research and development, business and entrepreneurship, policy advocacy, and capacity buildings in sustainable energy based in 53 countries and active all over the world. Initiatives like these demonstrate the contribution of youth practitioners to the implementation, monitoring and review of SDG7 while enabling them to share their experience and best practices of implemented projects to inspire more youth to engage at local and international levels in the sector.

As leaders of tomorrow, the youth are in prime position to be informed and engaged in decision making at all levels. By fostering an environment for youth empowerment in sustainable energy, would bring forward new ideas, perspective, expertise and innovation to support the endeavor of sustainable energy for all.