In 2019, the South African youth, namely the research teams of the University of Johannesburg, University of Pretoria, North-West University and University of South Africa along with other leading universities from BRICS countries participated in the first international energy research ‘BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2019’ that was driven by young researchers and scientists, led by BRICS Youth Energy Agency.

Therefore, the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources and BRICS Youth Energy Agency are eager to hold a BRICS Energy Outlook session as part of the Africa Energy Indaba 2020 Youth in Energy (YiE) Workshop. The event will take place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on March 4, 2020 in Cape Town, Republic of South Africa.

The participants of the YiE Workshop will take a chance to learn more about the energy cooperation between BRICS countries and the South African experience, including the established BRICS Energy Research Platform and the BRICS Youth Energy Agency activities.

After that, the participants will be invited to take part in a BRICS Energy Energy Outlook Workshop that will cover the basics of international research activities and provide for a case that will encourage the participants to develop policy measures and recommendations to enhance involvement of young South Africans into the energy industry. Chairman of the BRICS YEA Alexander Kormishin will tell about the most relevant projects of the Agency. All the recommendations will be filed with the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources and will be considered within’ the youth policy & strategy development.

We invite you to take part in the session and contribute to the discussion of youth energy cooperation and the future of energy in BRICS countries. To become a participant of the event, please, sign up here.

If you have ideas on BRICS youth energy agenda, possible interaction within youth energy cooperation and partnership with BRICS YEA, please leave us an email to to schedule a meeting.