On June 18, Deputy Director of the UN Information center in Moscow V. Pavinsky met with representatives of the BRICS Youth Energy Agency at the UN Information center in Moscow. The theme of the meeting was the development of areas of cooperation, which the parties have already discussed in February 2019.

The Agency was represented at the meeting by the Chairman of the BRICS YEA Alexander Kormishin, Deputy head of the platform of the SDG , the Youth envoy SDG №7 Dulepova Arina and the head of the Press service of the Agency Ekaterina Krymkina.

The UN and the BRICS YEA have common interests under the SDG (Sustainable development goals). During the meeting the parties discussed the Agency’s projects. Thus, the key project of the BRICS YEA in the direction of the SDG in 2019 will be the Youth model of the BRICS Green technologies Platform. The aim of the project is to study the activities of New Development Bank (NDB) in financing clean and sustainable energy projects.

The сentral issue of the meeting was the possible options for cooperation in preparation for the BRICS YEA Summit-2019, namely the possibility of information and expert support from the UN Information center. They also discussed options for cooperation in the context of Russia’s chairmanship of the BRICS in 2020.

Established in 1948, the UN Information Center in Moscow is the oldest institution of the UN system in the country. One of the most important tasks of the center is to promote an “enlightened” understanding in Russia of the goals and priorities of the UN, including in the field of energy and youth policy, to promote greater contribution of the country to the activities of the Organization and the effective use of the experience and potential of the UN to improve the lives of Russians through the widespread dissemination of information about the work of the Organization among the population.