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11 April 2024

BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2024 gathered 416 applications from 58 countries

The methodology of the world famous energy outlook prepared by young people has been changed for the first time since 2018 to pursue the strategic focus on lining the expert communities under the Agency with priority areas. The selection campaign for the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2024 gathered 416 applications from 58 countries. The young practitioners and activists who proved their leadership and expertise shaped eight young expert groups which will deliver a report to address each thematic area of the outlook. Each expert group is guided by a chief expert and administered by a secretary.

The Just and Sustainable Energy Transition, a core young expert group, has been aligned with the research study led under the Russian BRICS Presidency, namely the BRICS Just Energy Transition Report. The deliverables of the Expert Group will balance the BRICS Energy Research Cooperation Platform’s stance on the just energy transition. The Group’s Chief Expert is Mr Abdulrahman Bin Jumah from King Saud University (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), the Group’s Secretary is Ms Anastasia Shirokograd from the Russian Energy Agency.

The International Partnerships and Policy Advocacy Expert Group was established to explore the role of partnerships in the energy sector along with respective regulation in the BRICS countries also through the regional lens. Ms Hoor Ahli from NYU Abu Dhabi (UAE) has been appointed to serve as the Group’s Chief Expert. The Resource Management and Critical Minerals for Energy Transition Expert Group was established following a rising attention to minerals for energy technologies, in particular energy storage, along with access to critical minerals and its recovery. The Group’s report will by guided by Ms Janaina Fonseca Nolasco from Latin American Observatory of Energy Geopolitics / Ministry of Mines and Energy of Brazil together with Secretary Ms Anna Loginova from the Russian Energy Agency. The interconnectivity of the United Nations SDG7 and sustainable food systems led the Agency to establishing a respective export group which is guided by Ms Athira Aji from the Food Agriculture Organization and administrated by Ms Regina Chukova from UNA-Russia. The crucial aspect of the energy transition is its interconnectivity with impact on the climate change. In order to address this, the Agency established the Climate Change Expert Group. The appointed Chief Expert is Mr Mpendulo Dlamini from the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment of South Africa, the Secretary is Ms Milana Gomenuik from the Moscow State Univeristy (Russia). The most discussing agenda in the BRICS energy discourse 2023 – skills development – found a reflection in a newly established Expert Group on Green Jobs and Skills for Energy Transition. The Group is guided by Ms Olga Mmelesi from University of South Africa, the appointed Secretary is Mr Ali Hani Alnajim from Researchmate (Saudi Arabia). Attribution of nuclear energy as a part of the green transition to meet the Paris Agreement Goals by 2050 created a space for deliberations around the role of nuclear energy and technologies in the youth cohort. The respective Expert Group will by guided by a Nuclear Education Ambassador and a MEPhI-Univeristy Student Mr Soumojit Mukherjee (India). The Group’s Secretary is appointed Ms Milana Ozerina from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Following the selection campaign and reflecting on a number of suggestions from candidates, the BRICS YEA will address the role of younger generation in entrepreneurship and businesses in the energy sector through the eighth expert group. The Group’s Chief Expert is appointed Ms Yomna El-Awamri, CEO of the Carbon Impact Lab (Egypt), and the Group’s Secretary is Ms Sonam Maheshwari from Mesa Constructivist LLP (India).

Each Expert Groups will produce a report which will be contributed to the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2024 as its chapter. The reports will define major trends and challenges along with describing negative, conservative and innovative scenarios. The Group Members will also identify the recommendations which will be delivered to the BRICS Energy Ministers for their annual meeting. 

The BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2024 will be presented at VI BRICS Youth Energy Summit in Moscow, Russia, and discussed at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Azerbaijan and G20 ETWG Youth Parallel in Brazil.

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