BRICS Youth Energy Agency announces the opening of the Analytical centre that will unite young scientists, researchers and analysts of BRICS countries with scientific interests in the field of energy. The Agency invites students, young professionals, researchers and scientists aged 18 to 35 years to apply for membership in the BRICS YEA Analytical centre. It has 5 international research departments, which are formed on the basis of country preferences, as well as 2 research units: the Platform of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Platform of Young Scientists in the field of BRICS energy.

The Platform of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is created to promote the UN SDGs and the organization of youth research in the field of SDGs in the BRICS countries.

The Platform for Young scientists in the field of energy is designed to bring together young engineers, researchers, designers and developers who are ready to offer the world new technological projects in the field of energy and strive to find like-minded team members on the one hand, and sponsorship and grant support for the projects on the other hand. The most innovative projects of the representatives of the Analytical centre will be recommended for participation in the programs of the Agency’s partner – the Global Energy Association.

In 2018-2019, the young analysts and researchers will also have the unique opportunity to participate in the development of youth “Global technology forecast fuel and energy complex development of the BRICS countries”, which will be presented to the leadership of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation and industrial companies in the framework of the Youth day of the International forum “Russian energy week-2019”.

Young scientists and analysts within the Agency have a unique opportunity to conduct research under the leadership of leading experts of the BRICS countries, as well as to interact with interested young researchers in the field of energy. The Agency will also support representatives of the Analytical centre in participating in international conferences.

We look forward to your applications to become part of the international team of the BRICS Youth Energy Agency. Please note that the border of the first set is set for December 31, 2018.

You can apply here: