An International Humanitarian Campaign commemorating the founding father of the Russian nuclear energy Igor Kurchatov will start online at the end of 2020. This year, the remarkable initiative is launched as the world celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Russia’s nuclear industry.

The Campaign will bring together young researchers from the BRICS countries and beyond who specialize in nuclear energy. All participants will become part of a world-wide nuclear energy network where everyone will have a chance to get acquainted with the life and scientific achievements of the great Russian scientist I. Kurchatov. Young researchers will learn a lot of salient details about the first nuclear power plant in the world created by Dr. Kurchatov and will discover what makes the Russian nuclear industry’ achievements so important for all mankind.

Supported by the leading Russian nuclear corporation Rosatom, the International Humanitarian Campaign is a unique opportunity to get engaged in a truly global activity empowering the new generation of nuclear energy specialists. As part of the Campaign, the organizers will issue 100 small sculptures of Dr. Kurchatov to hand them over to participants. The Campaign especially encouragesnuclear energy researchers from the BRICS countries to apply and take part in the project that will lay the foundation for further cooperation on the matters of nuclear energy development.

If you belong to any of BRICS nationalities and would like to participate in the Campaign, please leave a short message to Mr. Vadim Kuznetsov (email: