Today we are pleased to introduce to you the team participating in development of the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2019 from the North-West University, South Africa

The North-West University (NWU) is a South African university with three campuses at Potchefstroom, Mahikeng (Previously Mafikeng) and Vanderbijlpark, South Africa. In Potchefstroom is the head office of the University. With its merged status, the North-West University became one of the largest universities in South Africa.

As part of the preparation for the BRICS YEA Outlook-2019, we interviewed the team of the North-West University to make you know them better.

— How did you know about the BRICS YEA and the BRICS YEA Outlook-2019?

We learnt about them from Facebook after the first BRICS YEA summit that was held last year (2018) at Moscow.

— In your opinion why should the young people from the BRICS countries cooperate?

The young people are the future. Having the youth of BRICS countries working together means the bond between these countries will strengthen. Strong bonds will result in confident sharing of knowledge, experience and resources.

—  Which goal should have been reached in the coming years to achieve global sustainable development in the whole world?

Goal number #7 of the United Nations General Assembly’s Sustainable Development Goals: Affordable and clean energy.

 — How do you evaluate the role of the BRICS YEA in the achieving global sustainable development?

Excellent thus far because they advocate for energy efficiency and energy saving.

— Which achievements of the digital era could pose a threat to the global energy development? How can the young generation face these threats?

Grid modernization is one of the digital era achievements that could pose a threat to the global energy development through cyber-attacks. The young generation can face these threads by ensuring that energy security is increased massively.