The concept Empowering Rational Energy: New Ways to Diverse SDG7 has gained most support from the delegates and will therefore be set the prime theme for BRICS Youth Energy Agency’s activities within the #FromBRICSwithSDG campaign. This decision has been made following the Interactive Session #FromBRICSwithSDG of the 1st BRICS Youth SDG Forum, which took place virtually 14-16 December 2020 in Moscow, Russia.

It is crucial to let young people voice their ideas and suggestions on what direction the international youth energy cooperation should take. Guided by this belief, the BRICS Youth Energy Agency has welcomed more than 200 youth participants from all over the developing world to jointly determine the prime theme for the 2021 campaign #FromBRICSwithSDG. The initiative has already proved to be an efficient practice-oriented framework consolidating direct energy dialogue between BRICS youth and engaging high-profile stakeholders and youth practitioners in sharing their expertise with motivated young people.

Along with the prime theme for the 2021 campaign #FromBRICSwithSDG, the BRICS Youth decided to nominate the other candidate topics as Side Themes, namely:

  • Resilient Regions: Ensuring Energy Transition in BRICS+
  • Power of Digital: Future Development of the Energy Industry
  • Climate Action: Regional Solutions to a Global Challenge
  • Knowledge to Create: Innovations for Energy Technologies

The prime theme will influence the activities of the BRICS Youth Energy Agency along with its preparations and public position at the main youth-related energy events, including those held within’ the United Nations’ mechanisms.

Due to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the SDG7 has indeed acquired a vitally important dimension for the world. Now it also has a particular role to play in making the sustainable post-pandemic recovery possible. This is why Energy is the key to achieving all the 17 SDGs: it serves as the driving power which enables every other action, policy, and enterprise. Only through our strong collective commitment to Agenda 2030 and especially to SDG7 can we aim for higher results.