On October 16, during the 3rd BRICS Youth Energy Summit the SDG Platform by BRICS Youth Energy Agency (BRICS YEA) announced the launch of BRICS Sustainable Ideas Bank. This new initiative is to become the first-of-its-kind comprehensive SDGs depository shaped and driven by the BRICS citizens.

Over the past few years, BRICS YEA has gained ground in incorporating the UN Sustainable Development agenda in its yearly activities. This year, when conducting the #FromBRICSwithSDG campaign, there was a strong necessity of adopting a more structured approach to processing SDG-related proposals made by our youth contributors. In this regard, while annually there are multiple SDG-oriented events constantly arousing great interest and enjoying high participation rates, no systemic input collection nor monitoring has ever taken place. To fill up this gap, the SDG Platform by BRICS YEA has therefore decided to launch the ground-breaking BRICS Sustainable Ideas Bank (BRICS SIB).

The main goal of BRICS SIB is to provide a common virtual space for a continuous collection of public input data regarding SDG-related ideas relevant for the BRICS countries. It will also serve as an overarching platform for monitoring the dynamics of SDG-driven proposals as well as amplifying SDG-friendly suggestions and active participation throughout the BRICS states.

From now on, the submission of SDG proposals is constantly open. In order to submit a sustainable idea for BRICS, please visit BRICS YEA’s official website and fill out a short form on the BRICS Sustainable Ideas Bank page.