A special online-event by BRICS YEA took place on September 16, 2020. As part of it, Alexander Kormishin, Chairperson of BRICS YEA, announced the Laureates – the best developers of the main youth project in the field of energy in BRICS – the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook.

The BRICS Youth Energy Outlook-2020 has united teams from 44 BRICS leading universities, 180 young scientists and researchers from the Union in total. All the participants of the project have undertaken a profound research on one of the 19 topics of the Outlook and shown their vision of “Black Swans” in the development of Energy Industry in each of the BRICS countries.

The Tender Committee/The jury was based on the Analytical Center (BRICS Youth Energy Agency), and the country Coordinators presented their expert opinion in favor of one or the other research group. The teams’ participants who showed outstanding research competences/the winning teams will have a chance to display the part of the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook-2020 about their relative countries as part of the presentation of the project at the 3rd BRICS Youth Energy Agency Summit (October 16, 2020) arranged by the official plan of the Russian BRICS Chairmanship in 2020.

During the Laureates announcement Aleksander Kormishin also announced a conference of the Outlook Developers within the BRICS Forum on energy efficiency and energy conservation #TogetherBrighter (October 10, 2020) in the face of the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook as part of the BRICS YEA Summit. Additional information and details of the event will be announced later.

Due to a significant number of applications for the development of the Outlook in 2020, the jury decided to create 3 prizes for the researchers from each country.

The winners from Brazil:
1st place – the team from University of Brasilia (team leader: Kamila de Sousa Aben Athar Alencar)
2nd place – the team from Energy C (team leader: Milena Megre)
3rd place – the team from University of São Paulo (team leader: Bruce Roberto Scheidl Campos)

The winners from Russia:
1st place – the team from Gubkin RSU of oil and gas (team leader: Dauddin Daudi)
2nd place – the team from Kutafin Moscow State Law University (team leader: Gregory Burtsev)
3rd place – the team from MGIMO (team leader: Liana Galimyanova)

The winners from India:
1st place – the team from Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines) (team leader:Shubham Agarwal)
2nd place – the team from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (team leader: Dr. Amandeep Singh Oberoi)
3rd place – the team from JIS College of Engineering (team leader: Abhishek Dhar)

The winners from China:
1st place – the team from The University of International Business and Economics (team leader: Jiā lè tián)
2nd place – the team from University of Twente, Sichuan International Studies University, University of California, Wuhan Textile University, Dalhousie University (team leader: He Zhou)

The winners from South Africa:
1st place – the team from Senamile Masango Foundation (team leader: Senamile Masango)
2nd place – the team from University of Pretoria (team leader: Vanessa Ndlovu)
3rd place – the team from University of KwaZulu-Natal, University of the Witwatersrand (team leader: Anuoluwapo Aluko).

BRICS YEA sincerely congratulates the winners and wishes to thank all the teams for taking part in the global youth energy research, and invites them to participate in the BRICS YEA Summit (October 16, 2020).