Based on its own long-term experience in contests for young Russian scientists, the Association «Global Energy» transforms its youth programme to international one. Now young energy scientists from all around the world have an opportunity to participate in the contest for the best research project and implementation of the idea.

The Association «Global Energy» has been implementing programmes for the young researchers and innovators for 16 years now, which helped to form energy of the future and to encourage scientists, who create technologically advanced applications.

 «The main goal of the international youth programme «Global energy» is to stimulate scientific activities among young scientists and specialists in the sphere of energy by providing them with grants and individual awards. It is important for us to encourage the dialogue and experience exchange between the young energy scientists in Russia and abroad and to form a personnel reserve,» – highlighted the Officer-in-Charge of the Association Alexander Ignatov.

 Students, young scientists and specialists under 40 years old, who are involved in research anddevelopment in energy, are welcomed to participate. Applications are admitted in English in two categories «Idea» and «Startup». Applicant is allowed to apply only once for only one category during one nomination cycle of the programme.

 International projects and research in the following spheres of energy: «Traditional Energy», «Non-Traditional Energetics», «New Ways of Applying Energy» will be considered in the category «Ideas». In every sphere there will be one winner. Each winner receives 1 million rubles to continue the research on the project for one year.

 International energy projects, that wereadopted into production during the last 5 years will be considered in the category «Startup». After substantive examination one winner will be defined and will be awarded an individual award of 1 million rubles.

 The Association «Global Energy» conducts contests for the young researchers since 2004. By now, 1120 contestants have taken part in them and 73 scientists have become winners. The total amount of grants and individual awards accounts for approximately 50 million rubles. About 25% of all the winning projects are already either implemented or are on the last stage of development. The winning projects include all the spheres of energy. 55,4% of the projects were devoted to research and development in traditional energy, 31% – development of non-traditional energy, 14% explore new energy technologies.

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 Information about the Association «Global Energy»

 The Association «Global Energy» encourages international research in energy with the support of PJSC Gazprom, PJSC «Surgutneftegas» andPJCS FGC UES. The Association governs the international energy award «Global Energy», organises the same-titled summit, and realises programmes for young scientists in Russia.

The award «Global Energy» is an international award for outstanding research and scientific and technological development in energy. 37 scientists from 12 countries: Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Island, Canada, Russia, USA, Ukraine, France, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan has become it laureates since 2003. The award is one of the top 99 most prestigious and significant international awards according to the International Observatory IREG, «Global Energy» is a mega-award for thenoble objectives, best practices and the total award fund according to the prestige ranking of the International Congress of Distinguished Awards (ICDA).

 There is a memorandum of cooperation between YEA BRICS and the Association «Global Energy». Cooperation conditions refer to enlargement of the geographical coverage of activities, promotion of «Global Energy» projects for the young scientists of the BRICS countries, creation of the conditions for joint research of the young specialists in energy and informational support of the countries.