Get ready for some action now! BRICS Youth Energy Agency comes back with its leading annual energy research developed solely by young scientists and professionals from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. In 2020, the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook will be developed by young researchers teams from 30 leading BRICS universities and industry-related organisations.

BRICS Youth Energy Outlook is an international annual project by the BRICS Youth Energy Agency. It is designed to deliver a view of young people on the challenges for the energy industry that BRICS countries will be facing in the nearest future. The Outlook is developed by teams of researchers, who are students, assistant researchers or young professionals representing leading universities and energy-related organizations from BRICS countries in the age between 18 and 35 years old.

The last year BRICS Youth Energy Outlook-2019 united 113 researchers from 13 BRICS leading universities and energy companies. The Outlook has gained much authority and recognition by the BRICS Energy Ministries as it reflects the view of the new generation of energy leaders and professionals. The Outlook is used for long-term planning of the common BRICS energy agenda.

This year, the volume of the Outlook covers 19 topics which reflect the perspective issues of energy developemnt, including smart cities’ energy efficiency, space power stations, eco-transport of the future and many more. The special topic of the Outlook in 2020 is titled “Black Swans in Energy Industry: Turbulence on the World Energy Markets and Its Effect on Economic Development”, and this year all the researchers wull have a chance to contribute to it.

The teams’ participants who showed outstanding research competences and participated most actively in the development of the Outlook will be invited to take part into the 3rd BRICS Youth Energy Agency Summit as part of the “Russian Energy Week” International Forum Youth Day (October 16, 2020) and awarded by the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation and leaders of the energy companies. Just like in 2019, we shall cover traveling and accommodation expenses for a limited number of the reseachers.

To take part in the project, please register in the BRICS YEA Network on the following link: You my find more information on the link provided or by sending a request to