Deputy Minister of energy of the Russian Federation Anton Inyutsyn took part in the first day of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

During the panel session “innovative activity in the BRICS countries: main directions and prospects of development of cooperation” Anton Inyutsyn noted that the purpose of BRICS creation was to defend the interests of the members of the organization, coordinated response to challenges, as well as maintaining transparent, reliable and long-term rules of the playing field in global market.

“The second component is the development institutions. In particular, the Russian Ministry of energy highly appreciates the activities of The New Development Bank (the BRICS Development Bank) as a development institution, and a quarter of the shares financed by the Bank are projects in the field of energy,”

Anton Inyutsyn also stressed that in addition to bilateral cooperation, which is actively conducted with all BRICS countries, it is important to develop multilateral cooperation in the format of the “five”.”It is important that the BRICS countries unite to implement joint projects that are in the area of their interests. In particular, a Platform for energy research has been launched for this purpose by the decision of the BRICs energy Ministers”, the Deputy Minister said.

According to him, the Platform will further contribute to the disclosure of the research potential of the BRICS countries and the implementation of innovative projects.

“In the future, this will transform the structure into a full-scale BRICS energy Agency. We expect that the energy platform will become a full-fledged player, which will be listened to by all countries, not only the BRICs countries, as well as international institutions of innovative development, banks and various consulting companies,” Anton Inyutsyn explained.

On the sidelines of the Forum Anton Inyutsin held a number of bilateral meetings, in particular with ESCAP Executive Secretary Ms. Alisjahbana. The meeting discussed the prospects for Russia’s cooperation with the countries of the ESCAP region, as well as plans for the participation of the ESCAP in the Russian energy week.