The platform developed by the BRICS YEA team was named “BRICS YEA Network” (

The idea of creating a digital platform for dialogue on energy issues was proposed within the framework of the BRICS YEA Summit, held on 4-6 October 2018 in Moscow (Russia) under auspices of the International Forum for Energy Efficiency and Energy Development “Russian Energy Week”, and was reflected in the final documents of the summit. The platform “BRICS YEA Network” is a social network made in an understandable format for young people with a full range of functionality to provide easy communication between its members. The system allows you to get all the necessary information about the activities of the BRICS YEA, for members to participate in international projects and competitions held by the Agency. The platform should provide young scientists and researchers with the opportunity to conduct joint international research in the field of energy, said the developers’ team. Currently operates in English.

As a test of the network strength will be launched on the basis of its project to develop an annual forecast of the fuel and energy complex of the community – “BRICS Youth Energy Outlook-2019” (Youth forecast of the development of the fuel and energy complex of the BRICS countries). The developers of the forecast will have the opportunity to communicate directly with their colleagues from BRICS, as well as to exchange views in the format of forums and online workshops.

In addition, on the basis of BRICS YEA Network it is planned to implement the opportunity to participate in the international festival on energy efficiency #TogetherBrighter for young people of BRICS countries.

Already today, the first users have an opportunity to publish their own research in the field of energy and maintain their scientific blog, join interest groups and, most importantly, find new friends and associates interested in energy issues. BRICS Youth Energy Agency invites young researchers and scientists to create a personal page in the BRICS YEA Network to take a direct part in the development of the energy dialogue of the community.

Ekaterina Krymkina,