The Chairman of the BRICS YEA Alexander Kormishin and Deputy head of the platform of the SDG , the Youth envoy SDG №7 Dulepova Arina took part in the round table discussion “The Digital economy and the 4th industrial revolution: the approaches of the BRICS”, held on July 10 at the Analytical centre under the Government of the Russian Federation together with the Russian national Committee on BRICS.

A. Kormishin and A. Dulepova made a report on the topic: “Cooperation of young scientists and researchers in the field of BRICS’ energy in the digital space”, which highlighted the activities of the Internet platform “BRICS YEA Network”, launched in March 2019.

The following issues were discussed during the event:
— BRICS countries’ approaches to the digital economy;
— cooperation of countries on the digital agenda;
— key challenges of the industrial revolution 4.0.

The round table was attended by the chief adviser to the head of the Analytical center under the Government of the Russian Federation L. M. Grigoriev, representatives of the foreign Ministry, the South African Embassy in Russia, authorities, business, expert and academic community.

It should be noted that the BRICS YEA has set ambitious goals to expand its presence in the information space, using, first of all, the potential of its own online platform and expanding the opportunities for its participants. Today it is one of the few platforms where dialogue among young scientists and researchers on energy, energy policy and the sdgs is actively conducted.