On May 27-29 in Vancouver, Canada, the Chairman of the BRICS YEA Alexander Kormishin took part in the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial / 4th Mission Innovation Youth Leaders Forum. A. Kormishin participated in the event as a youth delegate from Russia upon invitation of the CEM Secretariat and Student Energy.

This year, together with the leadership of the sectoral ministries and companies, representatives of the youth of the participating countries were invited to the discussion in order to take into account an opinion of the future generation when making industrial decisions today.

The event included meetings of representatives of active youth from different countries and leaders of the world energy industry, energy and clean energy in Canada. Various interactive games with experts were conducted. Among the speakers at the Ministerial were the Minister of Natural Resources of Canada Hon’ble A. Sokhi, Minister for Environment and Climate Change of Canada Hon’ble K. McKenna, Assistant Deputy of Minister for Innovation and Energy Technologies F. Des Rosiers, Chairman of the California Energy Commission D. Hochschild, Director General of the International Organization “Sustainable Energy for All” and UN Special Representative for Sustainable Energy R. Kite, Canadian Ambassador for Climate Change P. Fuller.

The first BRICS Youth Meeting on Clean Energy took place within framework of the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial co-hosted by the BRICS Youth Energy Agency. The Russian Deputy Minister of Energy A.Inyutsyn addressed a welcome word via telegram to the BRICS youth delegates. Along with the BRICS youth the meeting was attended by the Chief Director of the Energy Department of the Government of South Africa E. Marabwa and the Consular of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Canada S.N. Strokov. During his speech, A.Kormishin invited the BRICS youth to take part in the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook-2019 noting that “10 teams of young researchers from leading universities in the community are already involved in the development of the forecast”. Alexander has also informed the youth about involvement in the agency’s online platform. The participants of the meeting were also invited to take part in the International Festival on Energy Efficiency #TogetherBrighter and BRICS YEA Summit to take place as part of the Youth day of the International Forum “Russian Energy Week-2019”.

Also A.Kormishin took part in the debates organized by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) on gender equality in the energy industry. Together with Member of the Parliament of Canada K. Rudd and President of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy L. Jacobson, the team presented the most convincing arguments and won.

On the margins of the events A.Kormishin met with the Head of the Secretariat of the International Co-Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPPEC), B. Lebot, who warmly spoke about his participation in the International Summit of Mayors in the framework of the REW-2018. He expressed his extreme interest in the BRICS YEA initiative and confirmed his full support to the Festival #TogetherBrighter indicating readiness to participate as an informational and organisational partner.

Following the 10CEM/MI-4, the BRICS Youth Energy Agency and the Student Energy, a non-profit organization, the operator of the 10CEM / MI-4 youth program, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to develop opportunities for young scientists and researchers in the field of energy in BRICS.

Short information about Student Energy:

Student Energy is a grassroots initiative turned global movement by a group of driven, passionate students. Student Energy began in 2008 when a trio of students from the University of Calgary decided that youth needed a voice in their energy future. Instead of only discussing the status quo of the energy industry, t­hey wanted to unite students to learn about the entire energy system and to empower each other to work towards a sustainable energy future.

With this mission in mind, they hosted the first International Student Energy Summit in 2009 in Calgary, Alberta. The event was incredibly successful. It brought together young minds from over 40 countries, a family of supportive partners, and energy experts from various disciplines to impart their knowledge. The Summit launched its young delegates into the energy industry as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who are still driving forward our sustainable energy future to this day. Building on the success of the first Summit, Student Energy held the event again in 2011 and incorporated as a non-profit later that year. Student Energy became a charity in January 2013.

More information: https://www.studentenergy.org/history