On February 12, 2019, the Vice-President for strategic development and marketing of JSC “TVEL” Ilya Galkin gave a master class on the topic of “International cooperation of BRICS in the field of nuclear and non-nuclear technologies: a look on the future of energy”. The event was the first in the course of master classes of the BRICS Youth Energy Agency. The head of the Executive office of the BRICS YEA Kirill Medvedev presented the guest of honor to the audience.

Mister Galkin graduated from the faculty of Economics of Moscow state University, served as Director of the Department of Enternational Cooperation of the Ministry of Energy of Russia and Director of the Department of Economic Cooperation with the CIS countries and Eurasian integration of the Ministry of Economic Development. Today, the company Galking holds the post of Vice President for strategic development and marketing of the fuel company JSC “TVEL”.

In the course of the meeting, Ilya Galkin mentioned topical issues that, in his opinion, will determine the development of nuclear energy in the long term, for example, the creation of a tolerant fuel, fast neutron reactors and a technological base in each country of the BRICS.

Galkin underlined the necessity of searching the looking to the future, and formulating them on the basis of a long-term task, required for all BRICS members. The importance of a comprehensive approach to modern energy problems was also noted.

During the discussion, the need to move away from the concept of “homo economicus” and the importance of behavioral economics was mentioned, the current situation around renewable energy was analyzed, common problems and prospects for each country that is part of the BRICS, and other important issues of the modern energy industry were voiced.

The participants of the event were interested in the development of international cooperation of BRICS students of different courses and areas of study. The guest of honor was asked questions related to Smart Grid, technological challenges, as well as the feasibility of transportation of energy and its production in the field.

Following the event, the participants expressed confidence in the successful development of BRICS international cooperation, as well as in the further effective joint work of the BRICS Youth Energy Agency and JSC “TVEL”.

Ilya Galkin noted the high interest of the audience in the topic and wished success in the implementation of the plans of the Youth Agency.

Ekaterina Krymkina,