On April 25, BRICS YEA held a meeting of the Executive stu ff of the Moscow Summit Organizing Committee. Еhe current status of the preparation of the event, the tasks lying ahead of the communitee, as well as plans and concepts of the development and progress and other topics were discussed during the meeting.

Despite the fact that the Summit will be held in October, the Organizing Committee team has already started off. The Summit program is being already developed, the work with participants has been organized, lists of experts and speakers are being drawn up, details of cooperation with current and potential partners are being discussed.

We are reminding that the registration for the Russian Energy Week 2018 has already begun. To become a member of the Youth Day REW (Russian Energy Week) 2018, which will be the final meeting of BRICS YEA you can click the link:  reg.rusenergyweek.com/registration

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