On August, 28 Anton Inyutsyn, Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia, held a meeting of a working group to address cooperation with BRICS countries in terms of energy issues.

Spokesmen of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Ministry of Economic Development of Russia participated in the meeting along with employees of Russian energy companies and research institutes.

Issues of preparation for the Russian BRICS chairmanship in 2020 were the key topic of the meeting. “One of the key objectives is full deployment of the BRICS Energy Research Platform which was launched this year,” Anton Inyutsyn highlighted.

At the meeting participants discussed possible themes of first researches within the Energy platform, including comparative analysis of relevant outlooks on world energy development and sustainable energy development.

Furthermore, youth energy cooperation is to be encouraged within preparation for the Russian chairmanship, using BRICS YEA platform and involving BRICS countries in participation in the International Energy Conservation Festival #TogetherBrighter.