On the 17th and 24th of April, the Organizing Committee of BRICS YEA has attended several seminars devoted to the issues of renewable energy sources (RES) in the framework of the preparation of the renewable energy section for the BRICS YEA  Summit in Moscow.

The seminars were held in MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations) with the support of the international Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy (MIEP MGIMO) and the Department of international complex problems of environmental management and ecology.

The seminars on the topic of “Environmental aspects of the world energy. Energy efficiency and energy sensitivity of the economy “(April 17) and” Alternative energy for the oil and gas complex of Russia ” (April 24) were both conducted by Valery Bessel, a professor of the department of thermodynamics and thermal engines in Gubkin University of Oil and Gas, as well as Executive Vice-President of “NewTech Services”.

Valery Bessel spoke about energy security, environmental aspects of energy and energy saving, as well as ways to improve the energy efficiency of the Russian economy.

During the live discussion, the key issues of the development of energy in the field of renewable energy sources were discussed and, of course, the prospects and challenges for Russia in this energy sector were evaluated. The dynamics of Russia’s foreign trade in the products of the fuel and energy complex, in particular hydrocarbons, did not remain unnoticed.

Also, students who attended the seminars had the opportunity to talk about the development of alternative energy projects in the oil and gas sector in Russia as well as to sum up the results and evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented projects.

At the end of the seminar, everyone was able to ask questions on the topic. In particular, there were questions about the development of small hydropower and the possibilities of Russian energy usage of renewable energy sources.