On March 12 the BRICS YEA representatives had a meeting on cooperation at the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa. The Agency was represented by A. Shklovskaya, head of the analytical center, A. Dulepova, head of energy research in South Africa, and E. Pertsev, manager of energy research in South Africa. Representatives of the Embassy, counselor M. Motimele and third secretary B. Gunther, warmly welcomed the BRICS YEA and showed around the historic embassy building.

In the course of the meeting the issues related to promoting cooperation between the Agency and the South African party were covered. The Embassy of South Africa has taken the initiative to support the BRICS YEA in cooperation with interested organizations in South Africa. They include, in particular, the National Youth Development Agency as well as universities of the Republic. The participants of the meeting discussed possible forms of development of such cooperation.

As a result of the negotiations the representatives agreed to study the options and agreed on the procedure that is required to start interaction with the South African organizations. The Embassy of South Africa expressed its support for the activities of the BRICS YEA and its readiness to provide all possible assistance in establishing relations with South African institutions interested in developing cooperation in the field of energy.

Ekaterina Krymkina,