On 17 November, 2020, the BRICS heads of state and governments commended the BRICS Youth Energy Summit (16th October 2020) and endorsed cooperation within the framework of the BRICS Youth Energy Agency. This statement is reflected in clause 93 of the XII BRICS Summit Moscow Declaration.

«93. Being committed to upholding continuity of BRICS partnership for the benefit of prosperity and friendship of future generations of our countries and our youth, we recognize the vast potential and stress the importance to further develop BRICS youth exchanges, including in such areas as science, innovation, energy, ICTs, volunteerism and entrepreneurship. We note with satisfaction the holding of the Meetings of BRICS Youth Officials […] and other informal youth related initiatives, including BRICS Youth Energy Summit and cooperation within the framework of BRICS Youth Energy Agency […]»

Continually, the BRICS energy cooperation was in the limelight of the leaders’ discussion where the other energy-related initiative, BRICS ERCP, was praised. In his speech, President of Russia Mr. Vladimir Putin noted: “Intensive contacts have been underway between our academic and scientific centres. Their coverage is truly impressive – from ocean and polar research to astronomy and artificial intelligence. Experts from the five countries carry out joint energy research: reports have been prepared on the projected development of the fuel and energy sectors in the BRICS countries until 2040”, citing findings from the reports of the BRICS Energy Research Cooperation Platform (BRICS ERCP).

President of the People’s Republic of China Mr. Xi Jinping also commended the BRICS ERCP, stating that the “BRICS Energy Research Cooperation Platform is now up and running. There is much that they can do in terms of policy communication, technological exchange and joint research. It can potentially contribute to our energy security and stability”.

“BRICS Youth Energy Agency extends its cordial gratitude to partnered governments and organisations, sincerely thanks the BRICS Youth for their commitment to energy research and projects delivered on the platform of the BRICS YEA. The highest possible level of recognition of our efforts would not be possible without our strong believe and personal contribution that brought BRICS youth energy cooperation to the level of the heads of state”, commented BRICS YEA Chairperson Mr. Alexander Kormishin.

The text of the XII BRICS Summit Moscow Declaration is available on the official website of the Russian BRICS Chairmanship 2020: https://eng.brics-russia2020.ru/.