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14 April 2023

BRICS Youth to Hold its SDG7 Side-Event at UN ECOSOC Youth Forum

On April 27 2023 at 1:15-2:30 pm EST, BRICS Youth Energy Agency (BRICS YEA), an international youth-led energy organization, will host its in-person side-event at ECOSOC Youth Forum (25 to 27 April 2023) at the UN Headquarters (GA Building Conference Room 7, 1st Basement) in New York City, United States. The online streaming will be available on UN Web TV.

The side-event entitled “Youth Reviewing SDG7 Enablers: Global South Perspective” will bring together young energy and climate professionals, international organizations’ experts, as well as government representatives, business and academia leaders to shape a common understanding of modern energy enablers which up until now have remained off the SDG7 agenda and discuss which concrete action steps should be taken to help countries in the Global South achieve the Goal by 2030.

The side-event will be a unique occasion for young people to share their vision on energy enablers and meaningfully contribute to the high-level SDG7 review process which is underway in 2023. In particular, the event will focus on such key energy enablers as critical minerals for the green transition, digital connectivity for resilient power supply, food systems for clean cooking, and human-centricity for women energy leadership.

As a result of the side-event, participants will provide their policy recommendations on integrating energy enablers into this year’s SDG7 review. Their contributions will be included in the Youth SDG7 Report prepared for the UN Secretary-General by the youth organizations — members of the international Youth Energy Transition Commission.

The side-event is organized by BRICS YEA in partnership with the development program Mission Impact and the Russian Federation.

Online connection to the session:
Password: 629726

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