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BRICS YEA has its headquarters in Moscow (Russia) and autonomous National Representative Offices.

BRICS YEA is led by a Chairperson. BRICS YEA has two directorates and two subdivisions. General information about governance of BRICS YEA is presented below.

  • Chairperson

    The Chairman is the sole executive body of the BRICS Youth Energy Agency, responsible for ensuring the agency’s activities and implementing local and global projects. The Chairperson manages the executive office and structural units within their powers.

  • Directorates

    Important areas of the agency’s activities are working with numerous partners and BRICS YEA's global community, which unites young people from all countries of the association. Thus, the agency-based Directorate for Global Community Development and Directorate for Partnerships

  • Analytical Centre

    "BRICS YEA - Analytical Centre" is a structural unit of the Agency, which is engaged in implementation of research projects. The Centre has a number of project groups to ensure implementation of projects supervised by the Head of the Centre. The main project of the Centre is the annual BRICS Youth Energy Outlook.

  • SDG Platform

    Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Platform by BRICS YEA was created as a unit of the Agency to support the United Nations SDG #7 "Affordable and clean energy" among BRICS Youth

Representation in Brazil

Together with the National Youth Secretariat of Brazil, work has begun to form a national office.

Representation in China

As of December 2019, BRICS YEA does not have arrangements to organize an office in China or a community in this country.

Representation in India

In India, there is a BRICS YEA community, which will be transformed into a national agency representation in 2020.

Representation in South Africa

Joint work on organization of the office is conducted with the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy of South Africa and NYDA.