A whitepaper that shows how young people visualise unforeseenchallenges for energy sectors through analysis of the past

Did you predict any of those happen?

All of the below-mentioned occasions influence the development of the BRICS energy sectors and were identified by our researchers in the special report.

U.S. Shale Revolution


Fall in oil

Fall of the
Soviet Union

The coming era of
electric cars


The COVID-19 pandemic

What had the greatest impact on the development of BRICS energy sectors?

This whitepaper shows how young people visualise unforeseen challenges for energy sectors through analysis of the past.

Covid-19 or the crash of Soviet Union?

BRICS Youth recalled many 'Black Swans' from the history of their national energy sectors, however, as we noticed, young people see many same risks for the future of energy.

Covid-19: Black or White Swan?

We asked BRICS Youth how they define the Covid-19 pandemic: Rather a Black or a White Swan? Read in the publication.

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